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OG Told Me...

A photo essay.
By Pendarvis Harshaw. @OGpenn 

"A Liquor Store Lesson" by Pendarvis Harshaw

A  two minute short film which depicts the the driving concept behind the OG Told Me photo essay: There is a SENSE OF INTERGENERATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY shared between Black men. This why young Black men listen to elder Black men, why elder Black men lend wisdom to younger Black men. And most importantly, this is a natural occurrence.

Proof? Although this video was scripted, when Richie Rich showed up on the set, the young men shook his hand. One of the young men used their smartphone to google his name. Seconds later, the young man exclaimed, "Oh! YOU WERE A PART OF 415- MY DAD USED TO LISTEN TO THEM!

And then Richie Rich showed his 415 tattoo and shook the young man’s hand again… 

1 year ago